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  Module 2 - Working with Layouts
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CORBIMITE Web Solutions

What happened to PaperSpace? The answer is simple: we now have Layouts. But there’s a lot more to Layouts than a new name.

This second module (or course) in a 6-part series will cover all the new features of AutoCAD 2000 layouts. We will start with setting up and saving page layouts and quickly move into the new Viewport options. This module will also explain custom paper sizes and setting printable area. Once layouts have been created, you will learn how to share these through templates and Design Center.

(Because each AutoCAD 2000 Plotting module is designed as a standalone course, it is not necessary to complete Module 1 in order take this course.)

Who Should Attend:

    Application engineers, product support technicians, instructors, consultants


    Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe Layouts and PaperSpace.
  • Set up a page layout.
  • Describe tiled and floating viewports.
  • Create a default viewport.
  • Set viewport scale.
  • Create non-rectangular viewports.
  • Create a new layout from a template.
  • Create named Page setups.
  • Drag and Drop a layout from Design Center.
  • Use the layout Wizard.
  • Create custom Paper sizes.


    AutoCAD 2000 Update or equivalent (Module 1 is NOT required.)

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CORBIMITE Web Solutions CORBIMITE Web Solutions CORBIMITE Web Solutions
CORBIMITE Web Solutions
CORBIMITE Web Solutions

CORBIMITE Web Solutions
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