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CORBIMITE Web Solutions

This is the home of free downloads for IntelliCAD 98 by Visio. We hope to fill it with a variety of interesting and useful files. Please help us by contributing your favorite IntelliCAD 98 program or utility. Just click here and follow the instructions.

To download a file, click the file name. If you download a compressed file, you can decompress it with Winzip.

Please note that Visio Corporation is not responsible for and does not provide technical support for the files on this page. These files are for illustration only, and are provided without warranty, either expressed or implied, including (but not limited to) the implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose.

Batch Plot

This LISP program plots a batch of drawings using the current printer settings. To use this program, first plot one drawing to get the desired ppint settings, and then use Batch Plot to plot the rest of the batch. Batch Plot requires DOSLib v 4.3 from Robert McNeel & Associates. It also requires that you create a new folder named "Plot" on Drive C (i.e., C:\Plot\) to hold temporary files. Contributed by John Surowiec. (2 KB)

Color Chart

This IntelliCAD 98 drawing contains a chart to aid in pen/color mapping. Contributed by John Mayo. (259 KB)

Digitizer Tablet Overlay

This Zip file contains the artwork for the IntelliCAD 98 digitizer tablet overlay in TIF, VSD, and DWG formats. You can print the overlay from this artwork, or you can order the overlay from Visio Customer Service. To use the overlay, you need a WinTab-compatible digitizer tablet and IntelliCAD 98 Release 1.0d or later. (2 MB)

Digitizer Tablet Utilities

This LISP program provides several utilities for customizing digitizer tablets and importing custom MNU files. To use these utilities, you need a WinTab-compatible digitizer tablet and IntelliCAD 98 Release 1.0d or later. (10 KB)

Dynamic Hatch 1.2

This LISP program provides an easy-to-use dialog box for hatching entities and enclosed areas, similar to the BHATCH command in AutoCAD R14 (except that it does not create associative hatches). Contributed by David Trotz Jr. To use this program, you need IntelliCAD 98 Release 1.0d or later. (67 KB)

Hatch Converter

This LISP program converts associative hatch entities (created with the BHATCH command in AutoCAD) to block entities so you can edit them in IntelliCAD 98. For it to work, the hatch pattern must exist in the icad.pat hatch pattern library file. (2 KB)

IMAGE Menu Support 1.012

This add-on lets you use your existing AutoCAD icon (or "image tile") menus with IntelliCAD 98. It requires IntelliCAD 98 Release 1.0b or later. (41 KB)

CORBIMITE Web Solutions CORBIMITE Web Solutions CORBIMITE Web Solutions
CORBIMITE Web Solutions
CORBIMITE Web Solutions

CORBIMITE Web Solutions
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