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Contract CADD Group AutoCAD - VBA, VB & VB.NET Programs

Article: Description: Picture: Download
Article & Download AutoCAD 2000 menuload functionality in AutoCAD 2007!!! picture  
Code Display an r14 drawing in Monochrome rather than the "typical" multi colored plot preview.
picture Click Here
Article and Code Enforce layer management via VBA in AutoCAD 14.01 and AutoCAD 2000. More Info


Click Here
Example code for working with AutoCAD 2000 Plotting and Layouts picture Click Here
Code UPDATED for AutoCAD 2002 - This program requires the Microsoft VB6 control Commondialog box picture Click Here
Code Change the AutoCAD environment settings for: Searchpath and DrivePath from a dialogue box. picture Click Here
Code Create LWplines with any number of points selected on screen in AutoCAD r14 / 2000.  The example program also returns the Area of the resulting LWpline. picture Click Here
Code UPDATED for AutoCAD 2000 - includes sample code on how to work with an array with an unknown number of points.  Updated for Keyword user input from the command line.  Interface updated to be more like the regular AutoCAD 2000 command prompts.  picture Click Here
Article and Code Thaw layer in a PaperSpace Viewport (mview) from VBA n/a  
Article and Code Freeze layer(s) in a PaperSpace Viewport (mview) from VBA n/a  
Article and Code Renumber Text, Mtext and Block Attributes picture  
Article and Code The Visibility On and Off program makes objects (lines, circles arcs, blocks, et.) invisible by turning "Off" the visibility of the object.  Objects visibility can also be turned back "On" making objects visible again.  This program works on all drawing objects regardless of layer and Locked layers.  This is not another layer manager!  Rather an Object(s) Visible / Invisible program.  More info. picture  
  Place an Mtext Block Report of all blocks in a drawing.  Block Reporter also allows the user to remove unwanted blocks from the report before placing the Block report in to the drawing picture  



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Contract CADD Group IntelliCAD98 VBA Programs

Program: Description: Picture

Purchase & Download

Block Report
List and place a report of Blocks in a drawing.  Useful for quantity take off or bill of materials Picture
Rubber Stamp The Rubber Stamp program places a Drawing name, Date and Time, and type of Stamp on an IntelliCAD98/AutoCAD drawing.  For more info click here. Picture



VB program downloads

Program: Description: Preview:

Download or Purchase

Drawing Viewer
New Features: Pan, Zoom, Print, and Open AutoCAD drawings
View up to 16 AutoCAD drawings on one sheet.  Zoom View large view of selected drawing.   Unlimited quantity of drawings viewable in any directory.  Switch directories and drives to view AutoCAD r13/r14 or 2000 drawings. picture


Drawings into HTML Batch process AutoCAD drawings to create HTML documents containing pictures of AutoCAD drawings using the Autodesk DWF plugin or the Softsource DWG viewer plugin.  picture Download
TimeLog Keep track of editing time in your AutoCAD drawings and export the results to an excel Spread sheet.  picture Download
WinDWG98 Search drives and directories for drawings and write drawing name(s) and  location(s) to a text file.  picture Download

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SolidWorks VB programs

Plot Stamp Place a plot stamp in a SolidWorks 2000 drawing including an option to place a text stamp of all files used to create the drawing (including all parts in sub assemblies)







The first free publishing and viewing software that makes sharing product design data dramatically easier across multiple CAD environments



 On line OCX programs

Script Maker An AutoCAD script file generator running inside of a Microsoft explorer browser.
Click Here for a picture of the ScriptMaker program. 
Channels On-Line Create 2D steel
Dwg Directory View your AutoCAD drawings inside of a Microsoft explorer browser.  On your local workstation.



Related AutoCAD VB, VBA, OCX

Name Description Author
adskunsupp2000.arx AsdkUnsupp2000 is an Automation server that provides some functionality that cannot be found in AutoCAD 2000 Automation Object Model.
Albert Szilvasy Autodesk Inc. Run unsupported VBA functions from AutoCAD r14 Albert Szilvasy Autodesk Inc. This automation server is intended to complement AutoCAD's existing ActiveX Automation. It includes features that are currently missing or not working in the current Automation API. Many of these features will be available in future versions of AutoCAD. Therefore, you should all releases of
AutoCAD to see if it includes fixes or additions that will enable you to stop using ACVBEXT.DLL Dock or float your custom UI application (ActiveX control) seamlessly within AutoCAD 2000 ala Properties window and AutoCAD Design Center. Jorge Lopez Above - updated for AutoCAD 2004 Jorge Lopez An OCX that provides acces to the color attribute of entities in a drawing. Suffers from shareware restrictions ( read about them in the included help file )
DGModeless Version: 1.0.1: a userform can now be shown modelessly or not Denis Gagn?
Version: 1.8
The bit map viewer, freeware from Autodesk.  This ocx lets you make an application that can show the preview thumbnail saved with a drawing. Works with AutoCAD R13/R14 and 2000 drawings. Albert Szilvasy Autodesk Inc. This dll lets you extend the Properties Window using VBA/Vlisp. The Properties Window is a new feature in AutoCAD 2000 so this cannot be ported
to R14.
Albert Szilvasy Autodesk Inc. View Slide files
Window Window - manages the AutoCAD windows currently open
either use mouse to switch between, or type the character on the left hand side of the drawing name
Martin Hazine


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VB runtime and CAB downloads from Microsoft:



AutoCAD - Lisp Programs

Reinsert block by picking existing block on screen.
Check for NTS dimensions in a drawing. Full description.
Visibility program written in LISP... Click here to Download Visibility as a LISP program.
Visibility Program written in VBA...  Click here to Download Visibility as a VBA program.
More info?


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