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Web Registration

To get up and running quickly with AutoCAD 2000 software, you can go directly to the Registration website to obtain an authorization code any time of the day or night!

Installation Enhancements

The AutoCAD 2000 installation procedure provides a virtually hands-off installation. You retain the flexibility to choose from several setup options including Typical, Full, Compact, and Custom. In addition, AutoCAD 2000 introduces two new installation features:

  • Migration of Release 14 files to AutoCAD 2000. Many AutoCAD users have customized Release 14 files that they may want transferred to their AutoCAD installation. These files include such items as custom toolbars and menus, multiline styles, PGP files, custom dictionaries, and more. The AutoCAD 2000 installer provides an option to migrate such files into the AutoCAD installation structure, saving time and protecting previous customization efforts.
  • Text File Association. The AutoCAD 2000 installer enables you to choose an ASCII text editor other than Notepad with which to associate AutoCAD text files, like .MNU and LISP files. This eliminates the time-consuming procedure of reassociating these files manually after installation.


Network Support Enhancements

AutoCAD 2000 software provides support for homogeneous and heterogeneous Banyan, Novell, and TCP/IP network environments. For companies working within a mixed network environment this feature reduces the time spent managing your AutoCAD investment and the Total Cost of Ownership.

AutoCAD Learning Assistance™ (ALA)

AutoCAD Learning Assistance, the tutorial-based, multimedia learning tool, includes lessons and concepts material for many new AutoCAD 2000 features. ALA helps both the novice and veteran AutoCAD user to take full advantage of new features such as object tracking, the Layer Properties Manager, the Object Properties dialog, and the many other connectivity and productivity enhancements introduced in AutoCAD 2000 software.

AutoCAD Support Assistance (ASA)

AutoCAD Support Assistance is an easily accessible, always available knowledgebase providing solutions and answers for commonly experienced AutoCAD questions. Compiled over several years and incorporating the solutions that highly experienced AutoCAD resellers and Autodesk Product Support teams have developed, ASA is directly accessible from AutoCAD’s Help facility and contains such items as

  • Technical documents applicable to AutoCAD in general and AutoCAD 2000 in particular.
  • Solutions to commonly experienced product support issues.
  • Troubleshooting guidance for the most commonly experienced AutoCAD messages.

You can periodically update the ASA knowledgebase through web access. ASA is a dynamic, up-to-date and growing source of assistance for every AutoCAD customer

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