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In today’s connected, high-speed world, customers have a greater need to share project and design information quickly and efficiently. AutoCAD Release 14 first enabled you to share drawings on the Internet. AutoCAD 2000 expands on the software’s existing Internet capabilities by adding features such as web-aware file access, hyperlinks, plotting of DWF files, database connectivity, and DXF™ enhancements, to enable you to connect and communicate your designs to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Direct Browser Access

AutoCAD users want to utilize the Internet as a means to store or access AutoCAD-related data including primary and reference drawing files (DWG and DXF) as well as DWF, LSP, SCR, MNU, and ARX files. AutoCAD 2000 software incorporates several new Internet-aware tools that simplify the process of retrieving and accessing files from the Internet.

AutoCAD’s New Internet Buttons—Search the Web, Look in Favorites, and Add to Favorites

Most of the File I/O dialogs in AutoCAD 2000 software provide direct access to the Internet through three new buttons. AutoCAD 2000 recognizes uniform resource locators (URLs) in selected file input/output operations. So, for example, you can easily open or save drawing files to or from Internet sites using the same File>Open and File>Save As dialogs you use to open and save files from and to local or network drives. With this new functionality, an address such as the following could be entered in the File name edit field of the Open dialog or recalled from the Favorites feature:

In addition, AutoCAD 2000 software enables you to xref files from URL paths, so that a drawing located on a remote Internet server can be used to remain current at all times.


Internet File I/O Dialogs—Open Dialog

These Internet-aware search-and-save dialog additions and URL-recognition capability make AutoCAD 2000 an effective, quick, and easy-to-use Internet-enabled application. This feature is also available through the API so developers opening files can have access to the Internet and URLs.


Object Hyperlinks

With the powerful new Hyperlinks feature, you can easily attach hyperlinks to AutoCAD objects and then subsequently traverse the link to any DWG file, Windows document file, URL address, and so on. The Insert Hyperlinks dialog and the new Web toolbar are powerful, easy to use, and consistent with other Microsoft Office applications.

Insert Hyperlink Dialog

The Web Toolbar

AutoCAD 2000 software introduces the Internet Web toolbar and cursor. The distinctive cursor provides dynamic feedback when it encounters a hyperlinked object in a drawing file. Like the Forward and Back navigation buttons on a web browser, similar buttons on the Web toolbar enable you to easily and efficiently navigate back and forth between visited websites, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, AutoCAD drawings, and other files.


Web Toolbar and Cursor


ePlot—Electronic Plotting of DWF Files

Electronic plotting (ePlot), new in AutoCAD 2000 software, provides you with all the control, precision, and functionality you need to plot to a secure, Internet-ready, vendor-neutral file format, DWF (drawing web format). With ePlot, you have the accuracy of plotting to paper while saving the time and money involved with distributing hard-copy output. ePlot features and benefits include:

dbConnect—Database Connectivity

dbConnect unleashes the power and flexibility of a database and integrates its interaction into the AutoCAD 2000 environment. With dbConnect, you can take the way you communicate your ideas and share information in drawing files to higher, more accessible levels by linking database information directly to AutoCAD objects.

The dbConnect Manager is the administrating center for the dbConnect feature. This modeless dialog provides you with a central location to administer and organize all aspects of your database connection(s). From this single dialog you can easily see which databases are attached and view or query them using toolbar options or a right-click shortcut menu.

You can view database tables and queries using dbConnect’s Data View dialog. This modeless dialog provides a simple yet powerful interface for viewing database records. With an Excel-like dialog, actions like locating linked elements in the design file, attaching rows to elements, and printing records are simple and straightforward. The Auto-View feature enables you to locate a database-linked object in the drawing file or in the database. Depending on your access rights to the database, you can add, modify, and even delete database records directly from the Data View dialog without ever loading the database application.

One of the most powerful characteristics of a database is the ability to submit questions or queries to the database. These queries enable you to retrieve, view, and analyze data from the database. dbConnect’s Query Editor gives all users, from novice to expert, several easy and powerful ways to build and submit queries from inside AutoCAD, including Quick Query, Range Query, Query Builder, and SQL Query.

Clockwise: dbConnect Manager, Data View, and Query Editor


DXF Enhancements

In AutoCAD, the DXF format is synonymous with the DWG format. The entire AutoCAD community has always been able to work with DXF files through the familiar commands that access and save drawing files. AutoCAD 2000 software expands on this powerful capability by providing an improved database exchange, more "intelligent" DXF files, a higher degree of interoperability, and reduced loading times.

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